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Free Flash 3D Maze Fantasy Labrynth RPG GameFree Flash RPG's

NEW Fantasy 3D Maze Game

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11/30/2011 Adding new armor, weapons, spells, and other items. Just put in town and a recall home button to take you back there..

11/15/2011 Began developing this game. It is a fantasy 3D Maze RPG Dungeon Game filled with weapons, monsters, and magic. You use arrow keys or click arrows to move around. Press the number of the attack or spell that you want to use. If you swing your shield up at precisely the right time you can block enemies attacks. Level up before going down through a trapdoor as the monsters get stronger and hit harder the more you go down. Training strength increases your damage, stamina increases your life and how fast you recover, willpower effects magic and how fast it recovers, and intellect effect how powerfull your spells are.

11/28/11 - Made different colored armored and weapons. The different colors are tempory markers for me as I add new armor and weapons. Also adding different types and colors of walls to destinguish dungeon from town areas. Adding town shops and quests at the moment as well.

12 / 03 / 2011 - Added quests that get harder with level.

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Warning: You may need to clear your browsing history in order for the updated and newest version of the game the load in full screen... WARNING: You may need to clear your browsing history in order for the updated and newest version of the game the load in full screen...

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Game Synopsis: This new flash game was started nov 15th, 2011. Iits still under development, but fully funtional and a lot of fun. It involves exploring a 3D fantasy dungeon maze and fighting mideval monsters using swords, shields, and magic. I add more to this game almost every day so please check back soon for daily 3d Flash fantasy maze game updates.

Game Instructions: Use arrow keys to move or click the arrows. Click monsters to fight or press number to use spells and skill attacks and shield blocking. Click trap doors to go down, but only when you are ready. Every time you go down a level the monster get stronger and hit harder, so make sure you have leveled up enough and are ready.

Much more to come! I am developing inventory and item drops now. More spells and special skills are also under development and will be added soon. Here are some olsder screenshots of my 3D fantasy RPG maze/dungeon crawler adventure game. I hoping to make this game an ap on my Android mobile smart phone soon.

screenshot fantasy rpg game 3d labrynth maze dungeon crawler

3D Maze Flash Fantasy RPG Game

Train your attributes and buy gear coming son also, as well as class selection and character creation, which I am working on right now! More fantasy items, characters, quests, monsters, and much more to come. So be the first to establish yourself as the leader of this fun fantasy realm. The 3D maze is randomly generated so the strategic adventure goes on forever. You can constantly battle, fight, and explore. By the next week I hope to have it saving game data so you dont lose your character and I also plan on adding a leaderboard so other players can see how good you did.

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